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Monday, April 03, 2006


Using Booktrader and Bracket Orders with Interactive Brokers

OK, this post is for everyone's benefit, and I know Tom is gonna be interested now that he's new to IB and venturing into futures.

To configure Booktrader for bracket orders, and then to use Booktrader, check these screenies out. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Note: In the 2nd picture I have shown the red box checked. I actually unchecked it for the 3rd screenshot so that the orders were not sent the instant I clicked the yellow bid price. IF YOU CHECK THAT RED BOX IN THE 2ND SCREENSHOT, YOUR ORDERS WILL TRANSMIT STRAIGHT AWAY, so I recommend you keep it unchecked until you are familiar with what your mouse clicks do. For eg, you can right click the Booktrader to set stops. So wait until you've used it without immediate transmission for a long while to get the hang of it and it's familiar.

Hope that's helpful dudes! Best to ya'll.




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