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Friday, April 07, 2006


Holding short!

Taking this one home for the weekend. She's lookin' real good thus far. +35 with green hope.


$INDU Dow index.

OK, here's where the index chart is for the Dow. Thoughts are on the chart. Breakdown of the low for YM should open up for a good swing trade. Perhaps this will be the one :D

My YM short entry at 11218 only felt 5 points red pain and now it's gone +20, so I'm tempted to move it to breakeven.....for now I'll put it at 11230 and adjust if need be.


YM swing short No. 2

Here's the 2nd swing short entry after the 1st took my -6 points.

Short 11218 with 30 point stop. Swing open target at this stage.


YM pennant is bearish

I've put my stop over price resistance, and while this pennant holds, I'm safe.....but the problem with this pattern is that it might pop to make a regular flag and take me out. So I'm still not safe until the breakdown.


Short YM 11205

OK, here's that setup showing the 15 min 'c' resistance, the 1 min price resistance, and the entry short I posted in the comment section of the last post coincided with a fresh swing short signal.

Risking 30 points on this looking for multiday swing.

Comments and Thoughts

By Tom, "Just a little out of ''sync'' with the trends”

Yes Tom. I think my problem is I’m lookin’ for multiday swings when those “trends” are only lasting a day hehe

By Tom “Just dreaming what 2 contract could have taken out of the market this AM.I hope you didnt get taken out at your 11282 short”

Yes, I did get tacken out …. of course heh

By Tom “Oh if I could have been at the screen when the market opened,had to take daughter to school. Beautiful short set-up with indicators falling apart a R2”

I know it! I was catchin’ up on some zzzzzs and missed it too. Doh! but no problemo. I’ll be a ‘c’ shorter I think, it is in the ‘b’ down on the 15min as I type. And the ‘c’ up is likely going to match with my system signal. Just need some YM intraday strength and it’ll produce a swing short signal.

Here's the chart.

Make em pretty!



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