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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


YM futures volume at support


Vector Bullish at Close!

Major development.

Yes folks, the Vector is a bull.

I note the counting error in my previous post. This is the correct count below. So we have 5 completion on a day that Vector turns bullish. We're in the 'a' up and I will close out my short during the 'b' down at 11100.


Fuzzy?? Huh??

For the benefit of those who don't understand the Fuzzy C.



Larger count on the way, but observations on this 1min chart are that it comes after a larger 120min C is in place.....

Today's larger time-frame move appears abc corrective in nature. The 11183 intraday high is the C area. That is the key resistance for the day. Stop to even on my swing short from 11200. 11120 is the 1 min C long failur/resistance now.

Another C short


That last short +45 stop to even now


YM that last plan gets the fill


This is the logical short zone

Further to Tom's earlier question; is it too late to exploit the short side of this bear trend, the short answer was focus on good r/r entries where you short into strength at logical resistance areas. Well on the 15 min chart you've got the abc correctives off that impulsive move down late yesterday. So with the 'C' confirming on the 15 min chart all you have to do is wait for a failure of a bullish pattern like a 5 min C corrective support and there's your entry. Risk is above the 5 min 5 completion, i.e. the C on the 15 min chart. Risk is minimal. Reward potential is high for a swing, where you look for 5 waves down off the 15min C. So now you put your limit sell order in place at 11105 with a stop at 11130, above the 5min 5 and the 15min C. Risk is only 25 points. Reward potential is for new lows today. Note how the 50% retrace area is the 15min C.


15min C is likely in now.


5min diamond


Overnight update

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