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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


5 min bull pattern

Greetings Spike,been getting stopped out last 3 tries,looking to short a confirmation above 11300,maybe even R2.These last 2 days have produced some hefty dips that rebound.just missing perfect entries for daytrades.

cordially Tom
Greetings again Spike,

Ive noticed margin and cash reserve in acct. appears full as soon as a trade is close,no settlement period with YMs?

cordially Tom
Hi Tom.

Sorry for the delay dude. Didn't see the email notice. Nice number you picked there and hoped you got some short! hehe. Haven't traded YM today after the last breakeven stop. Yep, the dips have stolen that green hope :D But I'll nail a swing one of these days hehe. But for now, I'm scalp short mode, with the last signal at 2.36pm eastern when price was at 11282. If you're looking for an entry, then there's your mark. Good luck.
"no settlement period with YMs?"

No, you're just limited by the Initial, Intraday, Overnight Initial, and overnight maintenance amounts, referenced in these links, http://tinyurl.com/zgf9z

And there is no 25K daytrader rule for futures. You can trade them with as little as the amounts in the ecbot published margin rates.
"last signal at 2.36pm eastern when price was at 11282. If you're looking for an entry, then there's your mark"

hehe; perfect entry this one; little pop 3 mins after I posted that; got up to 11285 and she's already +20 :D
Greetings Spike,,

Just a little out of ''sync'' with the trends,what should have been a good day riding the swings got me stopped out.I think its just a matter of time till I hit one on the head,and build upon a winner with leverage.Im reading David Lerman's book on ETFs and E-mini's.Its a few years old,but gives good basic info.He has a preference for the ES and NQ,not sure the YM was popular in 2001 when this was written.

BTW fear kept me from shorting at 11300+ today,had been stopped out twice,yet indicators I looked at showed definite weakness.Still learning to curb that illogical fear,with those bracket orders in place,the best trades should be easy to hit.

cordially Tom

Oh if I could have been at the screen when the market opened,had to take daughter to school.

Beautiful short set-up with indicators falling apart a R2,looking for a set-up at S2 to go long,so far inicators show weakness,but Im stalking from now on.

Just dreaming what 2 contract could have taken out of the market this AM.I hope you didnt get taken out at your 11282 short.

cordially and good tradin,
Greetings Spike,

Took S2 at 11185,indicators strengthening a little,hopeful of a repeat of the last 2 days.

cordially Tom
My replies are here:
Greetings ,
out at 11995,turning down from my perspective,kind of had a mix-up trying to sell,clicked close postion and nothing happened,not sure how I closed it,I think by going to main screen and selling through there.Shows ''0'' positions,so I hope Im out.

cordially Tom
Nice decision I think.

If the close position thing is too slow, just simply use a "sell" order if you are long, or the "buy" order to cover when you are short.

Suggest any new comments go under "comments and thoughts post"
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